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Beautiful Aroma Lamp Fragrances:

Inspired by nature;  crafted with care

to create the perfect fragrance experience

 in your home

Available in: 250 or 500 ml

Aroma Lamps


Timeless Designs for 

any decor

Recently The Redolent Bouquet was asked to weigh in on the RedFin blog with other experts in the field about best tips for fragrancing and freshening your home.  You can see our tip here and view the entire article:

Thank you Ryan at RedFin for asking us to collaborate with you and your readers!

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Redolent Bouquet Aroma Lamp Starter Set


Bundle Up with our

Lamp/Fragrance Package!

Set Includes

1 Paige Aroma Lamp

complete with

Wick/Stone apparatus

Snuffer Cap

Decorative Diffuser Lid


2 Redolent Bouquet Aroma Lamp Fragrances (250ml)

Just $55

Discover the "Art Of Home Scenting" with aroma lamps and artfully crafted lamp fragrances.  These days especially, your home is your castle, and is reflective of you and your personality. Your home fragrance should also be a reflection of that.  Choose from our proprietary selections of beautifully crafted lamp fragrances to suit your own uniqueness. The final touch in any welcoming home, is the right scent;  and at The Redolent Bouquet, we can help you select the perfect choice for your home.  Never overwhelming or over-perfumed; our subtle yet powerful home fragrances will beautifully fragrance and gently cleanse your air.

Redolent Bouquet Lamp Fragrances & Aroma Lamp