Add to Cart? Establishing Trust in an E-Commerce World

E-commerce is a beautiful thing, is it not? I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite so convenient as sitting behind your computer or tablet, laptop or mobile phone: (for me, this sometimes means in my pyjamas), and browsing the internet for your next favourite find.

We are in the comfort of our own homes, browsing at our leisure and taking as much time at that as we want without being asked a dozen times "Is there something I can help you with"? To which we reply; "No thank you; I'm just looking". We can look and look to our heart's content, without any outside sales pressure.

As wonderful as this is, it also presents us (the customer) with a unique challenge. It probably goes something like this: "OK - I've found my next great find, and I'm quite excited about it - I think I want to buy that".

Here's where we probably stop and start to wonder: OK - is my money safe? Will I get my package? What about customer service - is there someone I can talk to? These are all very valid questions, and questions that I have asked myself, when making on-line purchases.

Indeed, it is hard in today's world, to find trust and value in a company where it is so very easy for people and companies to hide behind a facade and pretend that they are someone they are not.

That is not me, and that is "definitely not" The Redolent Bouquet. In one of my previous blog posts, I was speaking a bit about myself and the path I've walked career-wise to get here today, to the business of The Redolent Bouquet. Each and every bottle of lamp fragrance is crafted and hand made by myself, and each and every package that goes out our door is packaged with the same love and care as the one before it, as will be the one after it. I take great pride in having the home fragrance bottles look their best lying in their boxes; all packaged with matching 'packing' peanuts, tissue paper and ribbon, to ensure it gets to my valued customers the same way it left my business. It is important to me to do this and to go a bit further, for it is my chance to show you, my customer, that I CARE, and I always will. I want all of you to have a wonderful experience when my package gets delivered to your house; I want you to be excited to open it, and to discover the contents of it: (the first thing you will see is a big "Thank You" for your purchase), and then perhaps you will think to yourself how nice the packaging looks), before getting on to the business of using and loving our products. I realize that the box and the packaging thereof will only get thrown away; but in today's world of e-commerce, that is our chance to make a difference to our customers, and it is my chance to silently tell you that you are important to us here at The Redolent Bouquet.

To further the customer experience, our website is SSL secured as you will notice on the checkout page, and each time a purchase is made, we provide you with a tracking number from Canada Post once your package leaves our offices so that you may track it's progress. As we continue to reach out to our fellow Canadians and grow this business, I'm certain that our packaging will go through changes as well, but rest assured that I will be the one continuing to package them and send them out, and always with the same amount of care and attention to detail.

I want to share my love for aroma lamp fragrances with you; and it is my true hope that you will give us an opportunity here at The Redolent Bouquet to experience, and fall in love with our line of home fragrances (and accompanying aroma lamps), knowing that in today's world of e-commerce uncertainty, there IS a real person behind this business, and a person that really cares about your purchase experience; and you are always in the forefront of our thoughts when we craft the fragrances, and when we package our products for shipping. As always, we can be reached by email, our contact form on our website, or via phone, and we look forward to having you as a long term Redolent Bouquet customer.

Thank you for reading!

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