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"Air Cleansing Fragrance" - what does that mean?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I've mentioned previously in social media postings about "air cleansing fragrance", or that our home fragrances provide "gentle air cleansing properties"; but you may have asked yourself "What does that mean exactly"?

Well if you find yourself a bit mystified by that phrase, today I'd like to try to explain that a little better.

Perhaps we should start with a detailed explanation of our products. Here at The Redolent Bouquet we are focused on one thing (and one thing only); to hand craft and provide beautiful 'catalytic' home fragrances for your aroma lamp. (All of our fragrances are made in-house by hand.) We truly believe that catalytic fragrances are so very exemplary to anything else on the market today and will remain so as time marches on.

So, with that said, let's get a bit into the history of this remarkable fragrancing lamp. The inception of the aroma lamp can be traced as far back as the late 1800s, where in an effort to counteract diseases which had become widespread and catastrophic, the fragrance lamp was invented in order to purify the air in hospitals and morgues. The lamps of this era were more utilitarian, and not decorative as they are today; but both used the same alcohol based fuel without the addition of fragrance. As the 1900's approached, fragrance lamps became a luxurious household item in the homes of only the wealthiest of individuals. Today, we see the very same technology being used in households and offices to purify the air of odours, bacteria and germs. But, because fragrance lamps are today so very affordable, we are now all able to enjoy them in our homes and benefit from their enhancement in our living spaces.

So now that we understand a bit about the history of this wonderful fragrance lamp, let's explore how they work, and how they gently cleanse the air.

Fragrance lamps do so much more than "perfume" the air: as they operate on the process of catalytic combustion, they are the quintessential decorative accessory for indoor air purification. The primary function of these beautiful aroma lamps is first and foremost, to purify the air of offensive household, pet and smoke doors, eliminate bothersome bacteria and germs, and ultimately increase oxygen levels while permeating the air with gentle fragrance. This "catalytic process" sets the function of a fragrance or aroma lamp apart from that of candles, reed or water diffusers, oil burners, incense, room sprays, potpourri and sachets. All other home fragrance products at best, 'mask' existing doors, and in some instances, contribute to additional smoke and other airborne pollutants. I've said several times, that the process of catalytic combustion is so very efficient, and it truly is, as it leave no residue or soot behind, just fresh, fragrant air.

Now for the inner workings of the fragrance lamp:

Fragrance lamps use a method known as catalytic combustion to move large volumes of air through the lamp's heat chamber (which is most commonly referred to as the wick or the stone). This heat mixes with the room's cooler air, creating a continuous flow of air, and the process known as catalytic conversion. (This, is also why it is important to keep an 'air space' at the top of your aroma lamp, in order to have it operate properly). Any airborne molecules that contain bacteria and potentially cause foul odours are filtered through this chamber, and converted into oxygen. This small burner reaches approx 140 degrees fahrenheit, and combusts a special alcohol based fuel. (Note: when the lamp is in operation, it is of utmost importance to leave the decorative diffuser lid over the ceramic wick and stone, as this area is hot). The fuel which is now 'effusing' or 'diffusing' into the air, releases molecules (or negatively charged ions) into the air that capture and destroy impurities, resulting in cleansed air. In just a small amount of time (usually 20-40 minutes under most circumstances, you will notice the fragrancing power in enclosed spaces, and your lamp is working effectively and efficiently to deodorize and fragrance your space. You will also notice, that even after snuffing out your lamp, the fragrancing power is indeed still there, even after several hours. Therefore, in summation, this catalytic process and the fragrance lamp are the quintessential accessory for any home in order to beautifully fragrance and gently cleanse your home's air. Not just for use on special occasions, I invite you to experience this fragrancing solution regularly as a part of your daily routine - you will find that your home is always wonderfully aromatic, and the aroma lamp will aid you in eliminating unwanted odours from your home from cooking, pets, tobacco and other domestic smells.

We here at The Redolent Bouquet are passionate about creating exemplary fragrances for use in your catalytic aroma lamp, and we work tirelessly to provide our customers with a beautiful array of home fragrances that will truly "elevate" your home's aromatics and enhance your space, while "gently cleansing your air"! (All our home fragrances will work perfectly in your Redolent Bouquet fragrance/catalytic lamp, or any other brand of fragrance/catalytic lamp). Visit all the beautiful possibilities at:

Thank you for reading!

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