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Catalytic Home Fragrance: it really 'does' belong in any home!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Now you may wonder: should we actually 'bother' with home fragrance? Does it really make a difference to our psyche and have an effect on the way we feel and impact our emotional state?

The answer is a resounding YES, YES, and YES!

Fragrance is a wonderful accessory to any home, and adds warmth, depth, and your own personal character to any space. The sense of smell is a powerful one; The Russian born novelist Vladimir Nabokov wrote: "nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it" - and I would whole heartedly agree! Our sense of smell can immediately transport us back to a special moment in time; remind us of a fresh spring day, or just evoke feelings of happiness - sometimes even sadness (but let's not think on that too much - I would much, much rather be happy)!

Smell is such a provocative sense; and it has a far greater emotional effect on us than we may realize. Every time (for instance) that I smell coconuts, I'm transported back in time to my days as a younger girl sitting on the beach with my friends, daydreaming of what life may hold, and just being 'silly girls' with not a care in the world, and it immediately brings a smile to my face.

These days, the fragrances that are the most pleasing and comforting to me include fresh clean greens and herbs, citrus scents, and florals which all remind me of the outdoors or gardening.

Ok, all well and good you say; BUT: 'what if I'm not a big lover of fragrance or perfumes in general - then what? Is home fragrance 'really' for me?

I would still have to say that YES - home 'catalytic' fragrance is a wonderful possibility, even for those of us who are not big fans of home fragrance. Why? Because the expertly crafted fragrances from The Redolent Bouquet are two-fold: not only do they provide wonderful fragrances for your home and rooms, they also have the added benefit of gentle air-cleansing properties, which do not 'mask' smells in your home, but aid in removing the offensive doors, all the while providing subtle fragrance to your home. The fragrances we offer are varied; floral, citrus, spicy, clean - something for everyone and every 'nose', and never overwhelming in terms of fragrance as I've found in the past with scented candles and the like, nor are the fragrances 'fake and perfumey smelling', another complaint in the past of mine.

Through the catalytic process (as I've talked about in a previous post); the way these lamps works is that they disperse scented alcohol into the air by way of a heated stone attached to a cotton wick. Your catalytic lamp has several parts: the 'vessel' itself, which holds the fragrance, the cotton wick that houses the stone burner, a snuffer cap, and a decorative diffuser lid. The cotton wick initially soaks up the fragranced alcohol that you have added to your 'vessel', and your lamp is now ready to be initiated. In order to stop the 'catalytic process', simply replace the decorative diffuser cap with the snuffer cap. This stops the process, and puts your lamp out. When you are wanting to start the lamp again, simply repeat the lighting process.

You will find your catalytic fragrance lamp is as beautiful as it is efficient, and will provide you with many years of uncomplicated use while you enjoy the perfectly scented home. All Redolent Bouquet Home Fragrances are lovingly hand made in Canada, and shipped Canada-wide. We truly hope that we can assist you in your home fragrance experiences!

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