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Cleanse Your Home & The Air In It

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Since the onset of COVID-19, many of us have spent our days sequestered inside within the walls of our 'safety nests', with only the occasional trip out to the grocery store for necessities, or a walk outside for some fresh air. Restrictions although lifting in some instances, it is still necessary to stay alert while in public places and remain vigilant with our social distancing and cleanliness practices.

Along with these eased restrictions, may also come some uneasiness for us. Now that we've been outside (and although masked up), the question may still linger in the back of your mind "what if I 'have' come in contact with this virus"? Keeping our homes and our families safe is now at the forefront of all our thoughts, and we may think this is a large and daunting task. Good news though; implementing a cleanliness routine for your home and your family is not as tough as one might think. A regular routine of washing hands, disinfecting regularly touched surfaces and washing your masks after use is a practice that although simple to implement, has a big impact on keeping our homes healthy. Cleaning products that have a bleach or disinfectant property in them is an effective way to ensure surfaces are clean, and washing your hands with soap and warm water for more than 20 seconds after being outside and potentially in contact with the virus is very important as well to guard against it. Simple and easy to implement, yet impactful.

While implementing these cleaning habits in our homes, our thoughts may turn also to the air in our homes. An effective way to gently cleanse the air in our rooms is with the use of an aroma lamp and lamp fragrances. Not only beautiful to look at, the aroma lamp has a long history (over 100 years) of helping to cleanse and purify the air in our rooms. The original lamp technology was discovered by a French pharmacist in the late 1800s, and this technology; known as catalytic combustion (or diffusion by catalysis) went on to become an integral part of the cleansing practices in hospitals to aid in disinfecting the air.

These small yet mighty lamps can assist us in our quest for cleaner air; cleansing and perfuming the air in enclosed spaces like no other fragrancing method. This 'diffusion by catalysis' destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells, gently cleanses the air, and also aids in destroying allergens present in the air. (You may just find that your 'seasonal' allergies are not so bothersome, and colds and flu are kept to a minimum!) Using your aroma lamp regularly will help eliminate unwanted odours from your rooms when cooking, from your pets, tobacco and other undesirable domestic smells; and the cleaner air achieved in your rooms from your aroma lamp use is a huge benefit when thinking about the overall health and wellness of our families and homes.

As we wonder when or if our old 'normal' will return, knowing that we are doing our best to keep our families and loved ones healthy and happy will set our minds at ease and help make this journey into uncharted territory perhaps not so frightening for us. Cleanse your home and surfaces, wash your hands regularly, and use your aroma lamp as an added ritual to cleanse the air in your home. From our house to yours, we wish all our readers, customers, family and friends continued health and happiness (from a distance!)

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