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Cozy up and celebrate fall with these fragrances

Fall! Either you revel in the delight of falling leaves, brisk winds, and the beautiful turning colours, or you shudder at the thought that is only a prelim of what's to come - snow, ice, and tumbling temperatures.

However you feel about fall, there's no better time to cozy up your interior space than with some of these fabulous fall fragrances - you'll find that they will warm the spirit and your senses!

Our first pick would have to be "Legend Of The Fall". Reminiscent of neighbourhood coffee shops where the delicious spicy aroma of pumpkins and spice spill from the doorway, this aroma lamp fragrance will fill your rooms with decadent caramel, spice, pumpkin and velvety vanilla sugar. Simply delightful!

No talk of fall would be complete without mentioning our lamp fragrance "Mull It Over". Crisp, harvest apples and sweet honey blend in perfect harmony with cinnamon, nutmeg, and rich caramel. Warm and soothing, it's the perfect complement on those chilly days.

Continue the experience of warm, enveloping fragrance for those cooler days and nights with these picks:

Whatever your preference is for fragrance 'style' - you will find something beautiful, elegant, luxurious and complementary for any room and any season in our proprietary line of aroma lamp fragrances.

Embrace fall with the beautiful addition of air cleansing lamp fragrance and elegant aroma lamps from The Redolent Bouquet.

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