My Home Fragrance Journey

I’m feeling rather reflective today, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and jump in!

When thinking and dreaming about starting this business more than 2 years ago, I had one clear focus and goal in mind. To share my passion and love for home fragrance with my fellow Canadians. But not “just” home fragrance: home fragrance with cleansing and aromatic qualities, which to me, is truly the best of both worlds. Air cleansing in the fact that our fragrances remove unpleasant smells from your air and home, while adding a gentle cleansing and antiseptic quality that is "beautifully" co-mingled with essential and fragrance oils.

Added benefits and aspects? No water residue on my furniture - which was my biggest beef with diffusers, coupled with the fact that the fragrance dissipated far too quickly. Also: nor more soot on my ceilings or walls, a definite drawback with scented candles. (Win, win!)

I had the idea that if I could create beautiful home fragrances, and provide them to Canadians at exceptional prices, it would provide them a wonderful alternative to diffusers or candles. Now, please don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with scented candles or water diffusers, but it you are looking for an alternative that is as spoken above both fragrant and cleansing, then you might want to give us a try! The catalytic lamps and catalytic process that disperse all of our home fragrances, are as beautiful in design as they are effective at releasing fragrance into your rooms.

As I launch and grow this business, I have followed many creative people on social media who all provide products that are unique or beautiful (and both!) and it is my true hope that all of our creative minds and businesses can flourish and be shared with others.

My final thought goes out to my husband, without whom I could never have gotten this far. His unwavering support is a constant source of great strength and fuels the fire within and keeps me fighting. I believe that all of us creators have something wonderful we want to share with others, and I wish the very best of success to all of us. Thanks to all of those that have followed me thus far, I truly appreciate it, and hope that you will love my creations as much as I have loved creating them. Ellen

"Home is where the heart is -

envelop your home and your heart with fragrances from the Redolent Bouquet"

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