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Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Give the gift of beautifully crafted home fragrance this year! Fragrance transforms your space, and we have two fabulous ways to do just that!

Fragrance Lamps:

not just pretty to look at; fragrance lamps also have the unique ability to gently cleanse the air in your rooms. Choose our Fragrance Lamp Starter Kit and get everything you need to start enjoying the beautiful difference fragrance lamps will make in your space!

Choose the colour of your fragrance lamp (5 to choose from), and two(2) 250ml fragrances of your choice. The fragrance lamp is undeniably stylish with it's elegant glass base, and beautiful fretwork diffuser lid.

Reed Diffusers:

Our newest addition to our home fragrance line: Reed Diffusers! A simple, elegant way to add a touch of fragrance to any smaller space. Bathrooms, powder rooms, bedroom nook, or study - any space can benefit from these perfect additions. Available in our pre-filled diffuser complete with fragrance, vessel with gold diffuser decorative cap and reeds: just remove the stopper from the vessel, place the reeds in the fragrance, and voila: let the fragrance wick up the reeds to start enjoying the fragrance.

Available in 12 of our most popular fragrances.

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