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The Best Fragrance Fits for Your Rooms

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Amber aroma lamp and Redolent Bouquet fragrances
Fragrance lamps & beautiful fragrances for the home

Fragrance surrounds us in our daily lives; from the rich intoxicating aromas wafting from our favourite coffee shop; the smells of fresh bread from our local bakery, or the uplifting aromas emanating from our weekly spa visits; fragrance is everywhere, and has an impact on our moods and overall well being.

Fragrance then should also play an integral part in our home spaces, as it has the ability to relax us, energize us, or comfort us.

But what may you ask are the best choices for our rooms? The answer to that lies in "how" you use that room.

For the purposes of this blog post, let's talk about the Living or Family Room. This is the place where we entertain guests and family, and spend a lot of quality time in reading, watching tv, or gaming. The fragrance here then should be something that is comforting, welcoming, warming, and adds atmosphere. In particular, let's describe a few of the fragrances from our collection to aid in the process of finding that perfect scent to accent and complement this diverse space.

I think to start with, I would put our "Tranquil Evening" at the top of the list. The blend of delicate violet, sandalwood and amber evokes a casual, yet inviting and warm touch to your room.

Should you prefer a spicier note, you could consider "Spiced Niagara Pear" or "N'Awlins - That Voodoo You Do. Aroma notes here include sweet pear, honey, vanilla and cinnamon to draw you in and add an exotic atmosphere.

Are you a vanilla lover? Our "Grandfather's Study" is a wonderful and warm fragrance experience perfect for a cozy evening by the fire. The fragrances of vanilla, amber, musk, and a hint of coconut will entice and delight.

And finally, if you are hosting a party, consider an aroma with a fun, fruit twist that will evoke a lively atmosphere. A suggestion here would be our "Fig-A'Licous" lamp fragrance. A captivating and energetic blend of blackberry, fig, with underlying notes of citrus, it will add a sparkling and cheerful ambiance.

Now certainly, the suggestions above are not your "only" choices when it comes to scenting your Living Rooms, but only serve as a way to get you thinking and getting inspired about fragrancing your space! Check out all the fragrance options on our website at and fall in love with your home fragrance again!

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