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The Comforting Home: Winter Fragrances from The Redolent Bouquet

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I love home fragrance, and it's no secret that I always have one of my catalytic home fragrances enhancing my home's air. What I've got going at any given time pretty much depends on my mood, but sometimes I like to change things up according to the seasons or the weather outside.

Fragrance has a huge impact on our emotions and as the days grow shorter in the fall and into winter, and the light grows dim, it's time to adjust our home fragrances to invoke coziness and warmth, as we spend more time indoors.

One of my favourites for this time of year is "Mull it Over". I love the warmth this fragrance brings, and it just makes me happy when it's wafting through my home. After a day of skating, skiing, tobogganning, or your favourite outdoor winter activity, come inside and light up "Mull it Over". A warm and spicy compilation of nutmeg, apples and spices, it will remind you of a hot toddy, and perhaps give you the initiative to go whip one up in the kitchen! All you need to complete the picture is a crackling fire, and a cozy blanket. Snuggle in, grab a good book, and let the fragrance envelop you.

Second on my list would be "Grandfather's Study". When creating this fragrance, I wanted something that was reminiscent of pipe tobacco, but yet not too masculine. For some reason, the sweet nutty smell of a quality pipe tobacco is very comforting, and reminds me of a homey study, accented with beautiful worn leather furniture, shelves lined with books, and an end-piece table beckoning you with a glass of wine, or an aged cognac. An enticing and luxurious fragrance blended with warm vanilla, a light hint of coconut, and co-mingled with almond, honey and musk, emanates a rich, sophisticated and enveloping scent for those chilly wintery days.

Dreaming of a warm getaway? At times, winter's blast can get too much for us, and we all start dreaming of warmer climates. Sadly, if one can't get on a jet plane and make that dream a reality, we can bask in the warm fragrance of "N'Awlins: That Voodoo You Do". Warm and exotic notes of honey, cinnamon, and patchouli will transport you to that fabulous getaway that perhaps you just can't get to today. Have a beignet and a cup of chicory coffee in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street, all from the comfort of your own home. Like a warm summer night "N'Awlins : That Voodoo You Do" will inspire and transport you. Put on a jazz record and let the magic happen!

As mentioned earlier, fragrance has a huge impact on our emotional well-being; in fact it is our sense of smell that is the most powerful of all five senses; it can evoke certain memories, emotions and certainly change our mood. For instance: citrus most definitely has an effervescent quality that makes us feel more energized and wakeful - perhaps good to have going when we have lots of tasks to accomplish! Lavender has compounds in it that have a mild sedating effect on us, and make us feel more relaxed - perfect after a long day at work, or anytime you just want a beautiful, soothing fragrance in your surroundings to help you unwind, and de-stress.

What are your favourite scents - what elevates your mood and why? Thinking about this when purchasing your home fragrance will help you select those that will bring you joy and comfort, in winter, in fall, and all year long. At The Redolent Bouquet we have a vast array of beautiful scents that will bring comfort, create ambiance, and give you 'the perfectly scented home'. It's as easy as lighting a candle. Visit us today at, and join our newsletter for upcoming specials, information, and promos!

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