What "The Heck" is a Fragrance Lamp?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

WHAT THE 'HECK' IS A FRAGRANCE LAMP? A fragrance or aroma lamp is also known by other terms such as a "perfume lamp", "effusion lamp" or "catalytic lamp". These lamps have a long and interesting history, as initially they were used in hospitals in order to aid in disinfecting the air in the 19th century. Perfume lamps not only are a beautiful decor piece for your home, they are a wonderful and efficient way to scent your rooms, and will aid in freshening and removing unpleasant smells from your home; far more efficiently than scented candles, water diffusers, or other commercial 'air fresheners'. The way these lamps works is by a 'catalytic process'; meaning that the lamp disperses scented alcohol into the air by way of a heated stone attached to a cotton wick. Your lamp has several parts: the 'vessel' itself, which holds the fragrance, the cotton wick that houses the stone burner, a snuffer cap, and a decorative diffuser lid. The cotton wick initially soaks up the fragranced alcohol that you have added to your 'vessel', and your lamp is now ready to be initiated.

The lamp's process is initiated by igniting the stone burner which is attached to the cotton wick. This results in a flame atop the stone. After 2-4 minutes, this blame is blown out, and the 'stone' is covered by a decorative cap. This now heated burner remains active, and the flame-less and low temperature burner is now using catalytic combustion to disperse the scented aromatics throughout your room. As these lamps do not operate with an open flame, this makes them much more desirable and safer to operate than scented candles. It's lower operating temperature also makes them extremely efficient in dispersing the aromatics into the air without being burned.

In order to stop the 'catalytic process', simply replace the decorative diffuser cap with the snuffer cap. This stops the process, and puts your lamp out. When you are wanting to start the lamp again, simply repeat the lighting process.

You will find your fragrance lamp is as beautiful as it is efficient, and will provide you with many years of uncomplicated use while you enjoy the perfectly scented home.

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