Who am I? (Musings from The Redolent Bouquet)

Recently I was asked: "Do you think that this is what you were meant to do?"

After I got over my initial confusion about the question, I replied; Why yes, I certainly do believe that this is what I was meant to do - and here's why! I typically don't like to talk about myself, but I felt that this was an interesting question, but also one that required a bit of an explanation - so here goes!

Over the course of my career path, I have gone down several roads. I first started working in a retail shop as a young girl, to which I would have to say was not my thing.

Then: I applied for and started a position with National Defence; first as a receptionist for the summer at the 'cadet camp', then applying for a full time position over in Civilian Headquarters to which I was the successful candidate. Over my tenure with National Defence, I held several positions, finally working my way up to the position of computer programmer for the base at which I worked. Now, don't go thinking (oh my gosh - computer programmer - Wow!) It really was nothing like what you are thinking; in retrospect, I'm not sure that the powers that be knew really what to call my position, therefore just putting the label of computer programmer on it. Plus, it was back in the days of MS-DOS - no fancy computers like today, no 'cloud', no 'sharing', 'no wif-fi', no linked in, none of that - just me, a computer in an office, and a bunch of floppy disks - which were replaced by 'hard disks' at some point (and boy oh boy, THEN I thought I was living!! LOL)

Don't get me wrong, my time spent working for National Defence is not one I will soon forget - it taught me a lot of great lessons in my young life; how to work hard and apply myself, and through working for them, it also gave me the opportunity to live away from home and learn another language - all wonderful experiences, that I think helped shape my outlook on life.

But, sadly, as bases throughout Canada were closing down little by little, I found myself looking at the end of that tunnel. I was offered positions at other bases throughout Canada, which I ended up turning down, as my life had taken another turn.

Enter - my next stage. As I had always liked to be creative, I started thinking of another way I could perhaps work in an area that would let that creative side of me flourish. I decided to enter the wonderful world of Interior Design, and studied for my hard won certificate as a certified Interior Designer. Great: I had my certificate, but now what? Well; I had a plan! I made a nuisance of myself to a local interior designer, pretty much begging her to take me under her wing and teach me the ropes of the trade. I offered to work for free (yes, free), until she could decide for herself if I 'had what it took'! Lucky for me, she did decide I had what it took, and offered me a paid position with her firm. Yippee! I happily worked for this firm for several years, and again I would have to say it was a great experience, as the lady with whom I worked taught me many things; how to be professional, how to hone my design skills, and how to help the people who came to her business with the design and decoration of their homes. I loved all things fabric and colour, and it was quite an exciting thing to see what you have in your 'mind's eye' come to life!

From there, I aspired to own my own interior design business, and it was through that business, that I met the man with whom I share my life - (back track - if I had taken a position at a base somewhere in Canada, this never would have happened)! I often think how strange and interesting life is! But, I digress - back to the story at hand! We now have been together for almost 20 years, and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for this. After my interior design business, we forged a path together in a contracting company, and his vast skill set as a contractor along with my skills as a designer, made for a winning combination (I think) in this business (and still does today).

But, there was a side of me that always missed the 'creative' portion of things; I didn't want to go back to interior design, but I still wanted to create - and, I also had a deep seated love for home fragrance. I truly wanted to create something from nothing; something that was all my own, of my own doing. I thought long and hard about the fragrance idea that I had burning in my head; this idea kept me up nights, and I was truly excited (and scared) about it. I felt that I had something to offer my fellow Canadians; and I felt (no, 'knew'), that I could create fabulous home fragrances. But not just any fragrances; I didn't want to do candles, or reeds, or water diffusers - I wanted to create catalytic home fragrance. Why? Because the catalytic process is so very intriguing; not only does it clean the air via the catalytic process; the fragrancing it produces is so very exemplary and efficient to other products on the market today.

Hours and days, months and even years of thinking about this business, I can proudly say that I have created The Redolent Bouquet from absolutely nothing other than a flicker of an idea in my head. I cannot say it has been an easy road, it has been a huge learning curve, and has been fraught with many hurdles, of which I'm certain there are more ahead; but I would not have it any other way, and I eat, live, and breathe this wonderful business of mine. I wanted to share with people my love for home fragrance in a way that I believe enhances your life and your home; fragrances that are created with care and love, create beautiful atmospheres within your home, and gently cleanse the air as well. I did not want fake or overwhelming fragrances, which I have found in my quest for home fragrance over the years, happens far too often. My goal at the end of the day is to provide home fragrances that will help you achieve that perfect ambiance in your home, and nothing makes me happier when my customers tell me that they 'love' that one particular fragrance they are currently burning - it makes it all worthwhile, and it puts a smile on my face EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So, do I think that this is where I was meant to be and meant to be doing? A definite, resounding YES - and I really think and believe that my career path of my younger self has all led to this one thing; The Redolent Bouquet. It is my true passion to create and hand craft beautiful home fragrances, and to be able to share them with my fellow Canadians; and I am so thankful and humbled each time I send out a fragrance or aroma lamp to a new or existing customer. Thank you all for your support-- as customer, as followers or as both: it means the world to me, and I look forward to helping you fragrance your homes!

Thank you all for reading!

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