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Your "staycation" experience at home

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The seemingly never ending winter has us all longing for that beautiful getaway to a tropical destination; but amid the landscape of our world today, that cherished holiday may seem quite out of reach at the present moment. Holidays give us something to look forward to; a time to relax, to get away from the hub bub of our everyday lives, to take in new surroundings, and to experience new things and create memories. Now, more than ever, we are longing to get out of the house, to get away, and to create a sense of harmony and well being. Suddenly, taking out the garbage has become an event - I've even jokingly asked my husband "What should I wear"?

Amid these uncertain and ever changing times, we would like to try to help spread some cheer and a bit of humour; and although we may have to limit our social outings, our "staycation" homes can still reflect a sense of tranquility, peace and well being!

The Redolent Bouquet offers a wide range of hand crafted home fragrances offered at $13.99/250 ml --- quite a savings really over airfare to that international destination (lol).

Our Coastal Waters home fragrance will remind you of sparkling blue waters and beautiful coastlines. Fresh aqua notes sparkle amid crisp eucalyptus sprinkled with light citrus and a hint of delicate musk to rekindle those vacation memories and bring you back to that special place in time. Effuse into your rooms to relax, unwind and de-stress and imagine yourself dipping your toes in the sea!

Speaking of de-stress, a long bath at the end of the day will certainly put us in a good mood. Mix yourself your favourite spritzer or smoothie, put it in a fun or fancy glass, get your favourite music playing in the background, and let your fragrance lamp pleasantly scent your surroundings while we think of our next vacation destination. Voila - instant mood lift! Our "Blackberry Blossom" will have you thinking of tropical drinks by the pool with it's delightful notes of blackberry, açai and grapefruit, and freshness of cucumber and honeydew. (Put out those beach sandals and a funky colourful towel at the base of the bathtub to complete the experience!) The only question is; will it be a "mock-tail" you're mixing?? That's a firm "No" from me!

Home Fragrance has a wonderful way of uplifting us and tapping into our emotions, rekindling memories, and lightening our moods. While there is no right or wrong way to describe a fragrance or how it speaks to you, the beauty of home fragrance is how it makes you feel individually and enlivens your senses; so sit back, relax and enjoy all the pleasures that Home Fragrance offers!

Stay happy, stay safe

The Redolent Bouquet

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