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Aroma Lamp or Reed Diffuser? Choosing the Best Home Fragrance option for your needs

What's your favourite way to fragrance your space? Aroma Lamp? Reed Diffuser? The options are varied, and both forms of home fragrance have their perfect place. Read on!

Aroma Lamps: We love these for several reasons. Not only are they beautiful to look at with their varied shapes, styles and colours, they are very effective at scenting your rooms and ridding them of unpleasant odours. Place them in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, den or office, and let the style beautifully accent your space while they effectively fragrance your rooms. Using a catalytic combustion process, the aroma lamp gently cleanses the air in your rooms, and effuses fragrance into the air without flame. The quintessential way to beautifully fragrance your rooms - the aroma lamp is absolutely one of our favourite ways to fragrance. Available in all colours of the rainbow, our glass and ceramic aroma lamps will bring an artistic flair to your decor. Enjoy "Art For The Senses" with aroma lamp fragrancing!

Reed Diffusers: These little gems are perfect for smaller space scenting. Why do we love them? The clean, classic styling of the diffuser vessel fits into any decor perfectly. Fill them with your favourite reed diffuser fragrance, pop some reeds into the vessel, and let the diffusion process begin. The fragrance travels up the reeds, and diffuses fragrance into the air. No muss, no fuss - just an easy, simple and elegant way to scent your smaller space. We find they are wonderful additions to powder rooms, laundry rooms, or perhaps even that back closet that always smells somewhat 'interesting'. Flip the reeds when you want a stronger scent, and change the reeds out monthly to ensure constant and continual fragrancing.

No matter your style or preference, The Redolent Bouquet has a home fragrance solution for you. Browse our line of beautifully crafted aroma lamp fragrances and reed diffuser fragrances and create your own personal Oasis!

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