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We are very excited to introduce our latest product: Reed Diffusers and Diffuser Fragrance Refills!

After more than a year of meticulous research, development and experimentation, we are launching our proprietary collection of Reed Diffuser fragrances. Our starting lineup includes:

* Eucalyptus Jasmine - a lively combination of fresh eucalyptus and beautiful jasmine;

* Ruby Rose - an elegant compilation of velvety rose and soothing lavender;

* Energizing Lemongrass - spirited lemongrass, eucalyptus, and fresh citrus;

* Coastal Waters: fresh aqua notes, a hint of lily of the valley, and mandarin;

* Spiced Niagara Pear: fresh orchard pears, blended perfectly with soft spice notes;

* Tranquil Evening: a delicate blend of citrus, violet, amber and cedarwood; and

* Warm Vanilla and Amber: beautiful creamy vanilla notes blended with warm amber

We've selected these 7 fragrances as our starting lineup which will accent your spaces beautifully. Our pre-filled vessels come with an elegant glass diffuser bottle, 8 reeds and filled with your choice of fragrance. Purchase our reed diffuser fragrance refills separately to enjoy continuous fragrance!

Perfect for home, office, or as gifts; we are excited to share our latest product with our customers!

Visit us today!

The Redolent Bouquet; your perfect choice for home fragrance, reed diffusers and fragrance lamps.

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