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Home Fragrance & Interior Design

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Today, let's discuss home fragrance and interior design. Do "You" think that scent is integral to your home's design and decor and how you live and enjoy your space?

I personally would say "definitely"! Our sense of smell has a very strong effect on our memories, experiences and feelings, and therefore it becomes an important component when designing a space. When thinking about your home and its rooms and spaces, let's think about the kind of living you will be doing there.

For instance: is it more for entertaining? Is it a family space, a place for relaxation, or a place for study? All areas of your life and home will benefit from the perfect scent, and no longer just considered a 'luxury' - home fragrance is now finding it's place as a component of our daily lives. Indeed, it's coming more and more into the forefront of our thoughts as we think about our homes and the type of living that we will be doing there. Case in point: there's nothing more welcoming than entering a home with the smell of fresh bread baking; it triggers a memory in us of home, family and comfort.

Even if we don't immediately recognize it, we are being subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) influenced by scent. Though most of us recognize and react to scents such as cookies baking, the smell of a fresh rain, the smell of gardenias, etc and have a distinct reaction and emotion linked to them, we may or may not realize that even in the retail shopping environment we are being exposed to scent as well. (ie: Abercrombie & Fitch's method of applying scent to their stores via air vents to create a welcoming and pleasant shopping experience).

So why not then, implement these ideas and perceptions into our daily lives? Would it not make for a more pleasant, welcoming and relaxing home for you, your family and friends to enjoy? I believe that the answer here is a resounding "Yes"! Consider then the function that each room provides; fragrance should uplift and enhance your home, not interfere with the function of that particular room you are fragrancing. For instance; if you are considering adding fragrance to your bedroom for a relaxed sleeping environment, avoid putting an invigorating scent such as citrus in there. Try instead something more relaxing with notes of lavender or bergamot to promote a softer ambiance. Fragrances with notes of citrus however are wonderful in the kitchen or nook, or other areas where fresh, clean notes are desired.

With the holiday season fast approaching we will also be thinking of fragrance to enhance our homes: our seasonal fragrances will impart the delights and memories of the holidays into your homes. Enjoy our "O Tannenbaum" lamp fragrance, and effuse your rooms with the soft scents of Christmas and Christmas Trees, or "Mull it Over" to bring warm inviting notes of spiced apples and cinnamon into your rooms on those chilly days.

The use of an aroma lamp will bring refined sophistication and elegance into your room's decor while gently cleansing and fragrancing your air via the catalytic process. So versatile; the aroma lamp can be moved from room to room, or if you prefer, enjoy a whole home experience with the use of several aroma lamps placed in individual areas to enjoy beautifully styled, fragrant rooms with no soot from candles, nor residue from water diffusers. Not familiar with aromatic lamps? Review our previous blog post "What The Heck Is A Fragrance Lamp?" to read more.

Our daily lives are full of work, play, pets, study and relaxation, and we at The Redolent Bouquet whole heartedly believe that the perfect home fragrance is no longer just a luxury to be used for special occasions only: we believe it can and "should" complement our daily lives and add to our experiences by helping us achieve a relaxed and welcoming space.

Find "your" perfect scent for your home and surroundings with one of our beautifully crafted aroma lamp fragrances and pair it with your favourite lamp (or lamps) for an unrivalled fragrancing and freshening experience in your home - we welcome you to visit our website to view the entire collection.

Thank you for reading!

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