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How to Choose the 'right' aroma lamp fragrance for your home

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We've spoken before how home fragrance has the ability to transform your mood and your space, and how the right home fragrance enhances, elevates and entices. But with so many fragrancing solutions and fragrances available today, where does one start? The benefits of aroma lamps are many; but first and foremost they are an extremely effective way of fragrancing your rooms while gently cleansing the air.

In a nutshell, fragrance should uplift you and enhance your day to day life and your home, not clash or interfere with the function of the room you are fragrancing. For instance; in your bedroom, where thoughts of relaxation and sleep abound, we should avoid an invigorating fragrance such as citrus, but instead choose something that is more relaxing; such as a blend with lavender or other soft florals; or perhaps a light hint of sandalwood to promote relaxation: our 'Sweet Lavender Reverie' would be a perfect example here.

Having guests over? When we have guests over to our homes, there is nothing more welcoming than a wonderful fragrance wafting through the air. When choosing a fragrance here, simply think about the mood you would like to create. A fun summer party would be a perfect background for an energizing citrus fragrance such as 'Lemon Zest', or a relaxing evening with a few close friends; a fragrance with a more relaxing or luxurious feeling would fit the bill; such as 'Tranquil Evening', 'Tobacco Flower' or 'Southern Enchantment'; fragrances crafted with rich notes of florals and blended with the warmth of ambers, sandalwoods and soft spices.

Should we wish to evoke feelings of bright, fresh and clean, a number of things come to mind: zingy citrus, clean greens and sea breezes, or fresh air. Try 'Coastal Waters', 'Energizing Lemongrass', 'Rocky Mountain Rain', or 'Panda's Paradise' (aka: fresh bamboo) to bring the outdoors in.

Some fresh ideas for your kitchen to reduce unwanted smells ; we could turn to fragrances such as 'Lemon Zest', 'Florida Orchard Breeze', or 'Energizing Lemongrass', all would be a welcome addition to this area of our homes.

Now that Spring is on the horizon, fragrances that give us that feeling of 'renewal' are definitely florals; some of our fragrances that impart that ambiance would be 'Carnations', 'Ruby Rose', and 'Oriental Flowers'.

Overall, fragrancing your home should be a delightful experience, not one that fills you with dread. Fragrance or aroma lamps give you the benefit of a beautiful decor piece for your home, and the lamps chosen by The Redolent Bouquet are crafted from hand blown glass ; providing superior fragrancing and air cleansing qualities to your home, with no down side of soot from candles, nor residue from water diffusers. Simple to use, effective in it's benefits, fragrance lamps are a complete WIN; and each and every one of the fragrances offered by The Redolent Bouquet are carefully hand crafted to give our valued customers a superior fragrance experience in their homes. We look forward to providing you with that delightful experience!

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