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Never overpowering home fragrance

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Today let's delve into the benefits of catalytic lamp home fragrance. As someone who loves home fragrance, these are near and dear to my heart.

In the past, I think we've all tried plug in fresheners, stand up fresheners, candles, wax melts, reed sticks, water diffusers, incense, and the like.

If you are like me, there was always a down side with each and every one of these items, from soot, to residue, to over the top perfumes, or the scent just disappearing entirely.

This was a constant source of a "heavy sigh on my behalf", because I love home fragrance, and my ultimate goal was (and is) to always have a fresh, clean wonderful smelling home.

Enter: catalytic/aroma lamps. The benefits of these aroma lamps are many. First, from the design of the lamps themselves. They provide a wonderful, artistic and decorative touch to any home, and the craftsmanship of these lamps is exemplary. For instance: the particular line The Redolent Bouquet has chosen as our 'quintessential' line features a heavy hand blown glass with delicate lines topped off with an ornate diffuser lid, and offered in 5 colour-ways to suit any colour scheme you have in your home. Some of you may already have an aroma lamp in your home, so you will be well versed in how beautiful and artful these lamps are. It could be said that aroma lamps are truly "Art For The Senses"!

Now for the 'magic' of the aroma lamps themselves. I've spoken in a previous blog post about the history of aroma lamps which I personally find fascinating and confusing at the same time - confusing only from the standpoint of "How does everyone NOT know about this exceptional fragrancing power available to you for your homes"? Fascinating, because it has a long history, as diffusion by catalysis was originally used to deal with disinfection in hospitals over 100 years ago. Fragrance was eventually added to the original formulations, and "Voila" - the dawn of present day aroma lamps! Not only does the catalytic process burn effectively, efficiently and cleanly, it does so without an open flame. The ceramic stone attached to the cotton wick is how the catalytic process diffuses the fragrance into your air. This catalytic process is "magical" in so far as the catalytic process will gently cleanse your home's air and destroy unwanted smells while subtly perfuming the air. Oh my gosh - that is a win, win!

The fragrances offered by The Redolent Bouquet have been hand crafted with care to provide pleasing, natural fragrances that are never overwhelming or over perfumed. We take great pride in developing scents that we feel will enhance your home and your well being, as we truly believe that fragrance has a huge impact on our moods, and can elevate, soothe, refresh and revitalize us.

There is now nothing as pleasing to me as when visitors to my home say "Oh my gosh, your home always smells so great"! That is one of the most rewarding sentences I can hear, as we pour our heart and our soul into creating fabulous home fragrances for you, our valued customers.

Won't you join us in the experience? Once you try aroma lamps, you will find that there is nothing quite like it, and I do believe you will be a convert! All of us here at The Redolent Bouquet would love to help you have a 'perfectly scented home'!

Have a great day everyone, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our post! Join our newsletter, and like us on Facebook and Instagram

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